How To Remove Cellulite

Yes! You really can learn how to remove cellulite and regain the smooth supple skin that looks so good and used to be so natural. You’re about to learn some very important things about cellulite. Including . . .

  • Exactly what cellulite is;

  • What causes cellulite;

  • Why most attempts to eliminate cellulite fail; and,

  • The simplest, most effective way to eliminate cellulite from your body and regain that smooth suppleness.  

When you understand “WHAT” cellulite is and “HOW” it showed up on you; getting rid of it will be easy.

How To Spot Cellulite?

(Like you didn’t know!)  Cellulite is easy to spot.  It’s the “orange peel” look or “dimpled” or “bumpy” appearance that shows up primarily in women, frequently after their first child, and primarily around the thighs and buttocks area.

What Is Cellulite?

The fatty tissue immediately below the surface of your skin rests on top of (and is bonded to) a firm layer of collagen connective tissue.  Before cellulite shows up, the outer surface of the skin is smooth and supple (no bumps and no ridges).  The skin is smooth because the surface of the fatty tissue just below the skin is ALSO smooth.

The fatty layer just below your skin is (and remains) smooth and supple as long as the fat cells remain strong, healthy and flexible.  

The dimply, bumpy texture we call cellulite begins to occur when the structure of the fat cells begin to weaken.  When the cell walls weaken, the cells begin to “sag” and this “sagging” is what accounts for the “orange peel” look of cellulite.  The weaker the cells become, the worse the sagging and the worse the cellulite.

Cellulite Gets Worse Because . . . 

For the skin on your thighs and buttocks to be smooth and supple, your cells MUST be structurally strong and flexible; otherwise the fatty layer just below the skin develops a bumpy, “ridge and valley” texture.  

The way the fatty tissue is attached to the underlying collagen explains why cell strength is so important.

The fatty tissue and the collagen are bonded together by a powerful “magnet like” attraction on a molecular level.  The fatty tissue is “pulled” toward the collagen and the collagen is “pulled” toward the fatty tissue; resulting in a strong bond between the two.

When the fat cells are STRONG and FLEXIBLE, the top most surface of the fatty layer (just below your skin surface) stays smooth and uniform even though the entire fatty layer is being “pulled” downward toward the collagen.

If the fat cells become structurally weaker or inflexible they can no longer maintain a smooth evenness and begin to “sag” or “give in” to the downward pressure caused by the constant attraction of the collagen.  This is cellulite.

When Does Cellulite Show Up?

Cellulite usually begins to appear shortly after a woman has her first child OR somewhere between ages of 25 to 35.  Of course cellulite can occur earlier than age 25, later than age 35 or not at all.  

If and when cellulite appears on your body depends almost entirely on 1) the strength and flexibility of the fat cells, and; 2) the thickness of the underlying fat layer.

What Causes The Cells to Weaken & Lose Flexibility?

That is a VERY GOOD question because the answer tells you EXACTLY what you need to know to keep cellulite from showing up in the first place, or to undo the  damage, strengthen your cells, and ELIMINATE THE CELLULITE FROM YOUR BODY.  Healthy Essential Fatty Acids are the key!


“If you’re not getting a regular supply of the healthy essential fatty acids your cells need for strength and flexibility, nothing else you do will make much difference.  Even weight loss and exercise, won’t get rid of the cellulite if healthy EFAs are in short supply” 

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are the primary building blocks for your cells.  The “structural framework” of the cell is made from EFAs and, like a tall building must have a strong frame to remain standing, a cell must have a strong structure to maintain it’s shape and efficient function.   

In addition to being the primary building blocks of the cell, EFAs are what causes the cells to be flexible instead of ridged.  Strength and flexibility are what keep skin smooth, supple, and attractive.  When the strength and flexibility go, the smoothness, suppleness and attractiveness go too.

Since cellulite production is directly tied to cell strength and flexibility . . . 

  • and since cell strength and flexibility are directly tied to healthy essential fatty acids . . .

Healthy Essential Fatty Acids, (Omega 3s, 6s, 9s) USED TO be abundantly available in a normal healthy diet AND CELLULITE was nowhere near as common as it is today.

In nature EFAs occur in cold water fish, raw seeds and nuts, and in some vegetables and whole grains. You might think that if your diet contains some of these foods, or foods that contains vegetable oil, you’ll get all the EFAs you need; but that’s not so.

Food Processing intentionally extracts the healthy EFAs from their natural plant sources and chemically treats them through a process called “hydrogenation”.  The purpose of hydrogenation is to extend shelf life.  Unfortunately, hydrogenation DESTROYS the nutritional and biological value of the “once healthy” EFAs and turns them into a PURE HEALTH LIABILITY. 

After being chemically treated, these “once healthy” EFAs are ADDED BACK to the food as a primary ingredient in practically ALL commercial baked goods and processed foods, including dips, dressings, spreads, and so on.  

The distorted oils are used extensively in fast food restaurants for frying.  If you’re a fast food fan, especially FRIED fast foods, you’re loading yourself up with distorted EFAs with every single bite. 

You probably have some of these chemically distorted EFAs in your pantry right now.  You know them better as “pure vegetable oil”  or by their primary ingredient name, “safflower oil”, “sunflower oil” or “corn oil”.   In home food preparation, these oils are routinely used for frying, baking, and as a base for salad dressings and dips.

The connection between the distorted EFAs and  CELLULITE simple and direct.  Everyone gets some of the healthy EFAs in their diet, however, MOST people don’t get anywhere enough of these ESSENTIAL nutrients.


An “essential nutrient” is a nutrient your body DOES NOT MAKE and that you CAN’T BE HEALTHY WITHOUT.  Since your body doesn’t make essential nutrients the only way to get them is through diet and/or supplementation.  

If you fail to get the essential nutrients you need, over time the biological functions the nutrients help regulate become sluggish and things just don’t “work as well” as they used to.  

Frequently when this happens and people notice that they’re gaining weight, accumulating cellulite, or just don’t have the energy they used to, they pass it off as “just getting older”.  RUBBISH!!

Things like cellulite, slowly increasing body fat, gradually decreasing lean muscle mass, less energy, more tiredness and fatigue, and so on HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with “the natural process of getting older”.

These are NOT symptoms of aging, they are symptoms of a body that is not working as well as it once did primarily because the system is being drug down due to a lack of essential nutrients, (like healthy EFAs), and because of regular exposure to chemicals and toxins without the benefit of regular detoxification.

Essential Fatty Acids are vitally important nutrients.  In addition to being a key component of healthy cell structure, EFAs are used in hormone production, they play an important role in blood pressure and heart health and play a big role in NUMEROUS health building processes throughout your entire body.  

If you’re not getting all the healthy EFAs you need on a daily basis, your body will keep your hormones and heart working properly before there’s any concern about sending them to the out-of-the-way fat cells in your hips and thighs. 

Essentially, if your body decides there’s a “shortage” of “premium EFAs”  the most important areas will get the best EFAs first and the less important areas get what’s left. 

Healthy EFAs give your cells the strength and flexibility they MUST have to maintain the smooth evenness that looks so good.  Chemically altered EFAs simply do not have the same characteristics.

The chemically distorted EFAs are weak and biologically inactive; as such, when incorporated into the cell structure, instead of being flexible and strong, the cells are ridged and the cell membrane is weak.  Enter cellulite!

One of the BEST & MOST EFFECTIVE ways to ELIMINATE CELLULITE is to supplement with a balanced blend of the healthy EFAs

Cellulite is NO LONGER A MYSTERY.  Cellulite occurs primarily (we’ll discuss the secondary cause in a moment) as a result of a weakened cell structure in the layer of fatty tissue just below the surface of the skin.  The main cause for the cell structure weakness is a deficiency of the healthy essential fatty acids that are the building blocks of the cell and that give the cells strength and flexibility.

THE BABY MADE ME DO IT!  I mentioned earlier that cellulite frequently shows up shortly after a woman has her first child.  Why?  The answer is really quite simple.  A growing baby puts GREAT NUTRIENT DEMANDS on the mother.

Literally EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY uses EFAs, and every cell in the growing baby’s body needs them too.  If a woman fails to get all the healthy EFAs she AND THE BABY need during pregnancy, the healthy EFAs that are part of the mother’s cells WILL BE EXTRACTED FROM THE MOTHER SO THE BABY CAN GET EVERYTHING IT NEEDS.

Clearly, this places an even greater nutritional demand on the mother.  If mom is eating a “typical” American diet, it’s GUARANTEED that the healthy EFAs are being sucked out of her less essential cells, (like fat cells on the hips and thighs), at the speed of life and being replaced with distorted EFAs that can not support proper cell structure.  The result is; the baby gets the healthy EFAs he or she needs and the mom gets cellulite.  It’s that simple!

In Addition To EFA Deficiency . . .
Excess Body Fat Contributes Greatly to the Formation of Cellulite

There is no doubt about it!  Since weak and inflexible cell structure is the PRIMARY cause of cellulite, it stands to reason that once cellulite begins to show up, the thicker the fat layer just under the skin, the worse the cellulite is likely to become.

Fat does not cause cellulite, but since fat cell weakness and rigidity DO cause it, the more excess fat a person has, the worse the cellulite problem can, (and usually does), become.

Most Attempts To Eliminate Cellulite Fail Because . . . 

Most attempts to eliminate cellulite fail for EXACTLY the same reason most attempts at permanent weight loss fail, they are usually directed at solving the WRONG PROBLEM.

Exercise, massage and aerobics can all play a part in helping solve the cellulite problem, however these methods  DO NOT address the PRIMARY, underlying cause of cellulite, which is a weakening cell structure brought on by a deficiency in the healthy essential fatty acids.

So, how do you ELIMINATE CELLULITE & regain that smooth suppleness?  

  1. Get The EFAs You Need: The #1 thing you can do to eliminate cellulite from your body is to begin supplementing your diet with a good, balanced blend of the healthy essential fatty acids.
Proper EFA supplementation is the vital because until you begin restoring the cells strength and flexibility, nothing else you do will make very much difference.  Restoring cellular strength and flexibility requires healthy EFAs.

Dynamic Balanced EFAs from Total Health Dynamics are PERFECT for the job.  More on that later, including a SPECIAL OFFER, if you are serious about eliminating cellulite and ready to get started right away.

  1. Lose Excess Body Fat:  As discussed, excess body fat is not the cause of cellulite, but excess fat does make getting rid of cellulite a lot harder than it would be if the excess fat was not there.

“Lose excess fat” may be easier to say than it is to do, but the truth is that, (like eliminating cellulite), safe-permanent weight loss is easily within your reach when you understand the science involved, have realistic expectations, and begin doing the right things.

If you want to lose weight or excess body fat safely and permanently, the links at the end of this article that will lead you to some valuable resources for doing exactly that.

  1. Get The Distorted EFAs OUT of Your Diet:  All commercial baked goods, processed food, and fried foods are LOADED with hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.  These oils are chemically altered, molecularly distorted EFAs and they are NOTHING BUT BAD FOR YOU.

Besides contributing to cellulite formation, these oils are implicated in heart disease and high blood pressure.  Your health and your figure can do NOTHING but IMPROVE by cutting them out of your diet as much as possible.

  1. Cut WAY BACK on foods and beverages high in sugar and/or highly processed carbohydrates.   

After getting the EFAs you need, the next most effective thing you can do to lose cellulite is to ELIMINATE EXCESS BODY FAT.

Eliminating the excess fat helps eliminate the cellulite because, if the excess fat is gone, so are the weak, inflexible cells.  And that means that the EFAs you are taking have fewer cells to replenish and repair so the job gets done faster.  (Bye-bye cellulite!)

Foods high in carbohydrates stimulate excess insulin in your blood and the insulin causes you to MAKE AND STORE FAT.  This is EXACTLY OPPOSITE of what needs to happen if you want to ELIMINATE CELLULITE.

To eliminate excess fat, one of your first and most important steps is to cut WAY BACK on anything high in sugar and/or carbohydrates.

How Long Will It Take to Lose The Cellulite By Supplementing With High Quality EFAs?

That depends on how much cell integrity has been lost to EFA deficiency.  Replacing cell structure is not an overnight job, however, most people can begin to see a difference within 90 days.

If cellulite is fairly well established in your body, while you may see an improvement within the first 90 days, realistically, it will take from 6 months to a year before the healthy EFAs are fully reestablished in your cells and the smooth, supple texture returns.

If you’re more than “just a little” overweight, losing the excess body fat will speed up the cellulite elimination process, however, as we’ve discussed; excess body fat is not the cause of cellulite, it just contributes to the problem.

Six months to a year may seem like a long time, but it’s not, and the GOOD NEWS is that the cellulite REALLY WILL disappear.  All you have to do is supplement with the right EFAs and follow the guidelines in this article.